Nickalas Butler

Nickalas Butler

Owner and LPL Financial Advisor

Nick is the Owner of Lakeshore Financial.

Nick is an experienced LPL Financial Advisor in many areas of financial planning. Driven by helping people be successful, he takes pride in providing the best customer service and recommendations possible for each unique situation. Nick has exceptional skills in finding strategies that fit each dynamic situation.

Nick was born in Iola, KS. His family moved to Topeka, KS when he was 1 years old, so Nick was raised in Topeka. His father grew up in Kansas City, MO and his mother in Humboldt, KS. Nick grew up playing football, basketball, baseball, racing BMX, racing dirt bikes, hunting and fishing. Often, Nick’s parents would keep him out of the house because if he was inside the house, he got in a lot of trouble. Therefore, Nick was an active outside kid. Asthma and bad allergies didn’t stop him from growing up outside. He worked many of jobs in various fields growing up. His father spent a lot of time teaching him various skills, trades, and crafts along the way and always told him to never stop learning, working, and educating yourself. His mother taught him that you work hard no matter what it takes. Through this solid and strong upbringing, Nick was a football, basketball, and baseball athlete at Seaman High School, worked all through his high school years, and was a hard-headed, but straight A student.

From his hard work in the classroom and on the fields, Nick earned scholarships and awards to continue his journey. Having a logical mindset, he wanted to continue his athletics and education to whomever was going to make the best offer. In that process, Nick chose to attend Allen County Community College in, yes you guessed it, Iola, Kansas where he was originally born. His grandparents lived in nearby Humboldt, KS, so it was nice at times to have family even closer. Nick completed his Business Associates Degree in a couple years while playing baseball for the Red Devils. Various offers came to the table again and Nick wanted to make sure he chose whomever had the best offer. He decided to transfer to Fort Hays State University on a baseball and academic scholarship. Completing his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Finance & Economics with a minor in Accounting, Nick chased his very short lived baseball dream to Florida where he then started his financial advising career.

Nick started with Ameriprise Financial & MetLife when he was in Florida. Home came calling so Nick decided to relocate back to Topeka and obtained a Financial Advisor position with Waddell & Reed, where he stayed until their merger with LPL Financial. 

Anyone who knows Nick, understands he’s passionate and genuine in many areas of his life. Two of his passions are fishing and baseball. Nick coaches and teaches baseball lessons in Topeka. If Nick isn’t in the office or working with baseball, everyone knows they’ll find him fishing on a lake somewhere in the country. His “tag line” is “A Bad Day of FISHING, Still Beats a Good day in the Office.” Nick always likes to make people laugh and smile and enjoy their time on the planet when in his presence.


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