Becky  Kallenberger

Becky Kallenberger

Office Manager


Becky has worked in the finance realm for almost 8 years and has worked with Nick for almost 4 years.  Before she came over to the financial side of things, she had a career in the social services area, working with foster children and various agencies.  Becky is retired from the Air National Guard with 20 years of service.  She is married to Gary and together, they have 7 children and 9 grandchildren.  Becky counts painting, crafts, photography and an avid love for books among her hobbies.  


Becky acts as a non-registered associated person of Waddell & Reed, Inc.  She is authorized to assist Advisors with Waddell & Reed with approved activities.  She is prohibited from soliciting, creating a market or account for any securities, investment advisory or insurance services.  These activities are the sole responsibility of the Advisor she supports.  In addition, she is not authorized to enter into any contractual obligations on behalf of Waddell & Reed, Inc. or otherwise bind the firm.  12/20